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Buggies Gone Sexy


I’m a longtime Mountain Buggy fan. They are a well-made tank of a stroller, and a great option for people in urban and suburban settings. The appeal of this buggy lies in its terrific 12 inch wheels and durable aluminum frame. No one has ever accused the Mountain Buggy of being “chic” or “fashionable.” Until… Read More »




As I sit here in the kitchen of Sheri and Eli Gurock, owners of Magic Beans, having a chat about the upcoming ABC Kids Expo in Louisville, Kentucky, my mind races back to one year ago when I first attended ABC. To say it was a learning experience is putting it mildly. Since then, I’ve… Read More »


Let’s Duet, Let’s Fall in Love


Don’t be mad at me because I am a Cole Porter fan. You certainly won’t be mad at me because I am a fan of this new stroller: The Mountain Buggy Duet. If you know strollers at all, or are just starting to research, you’ll realize that Mountain Buggy is synonymous with one word: sturdy…. Read More »

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