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Let’s Duet, Let’s Fall in Love

Let’s Duet, Let’s Fall in Love


Don’t be mad at me because I am a Cole Porter fan.

You certainly won’t be mad at me because I am a fan of this new stroller: The Mountain Buggy Duet.

If you know strollers at all, or are just starting to research, you’ll realize that Mountain Buggy is synonymous with one word: sturdy.

Mountain Buggy was founded in New Zealand by a dad who needed a very durable stroller and couldn’t find anything suitable to his needs. He fashioned a buggy out of golf carts and Mountain Buggy was born. BAM! Mountain Buggy was the original “IT” stroller, and continues to make a terrific product. They’re also about to make quite a splash with two new strollers launching right now, one of which I am featuring here. Don’t worry, we’ll get to the other one…

The Mountain Buggy Duet was shown to me last year, and I was thrilled when one showed up at my door a couple weeks ago.  The Duet is fairly simple:  a side-by-side double stroller that is staggeringly narrow.

25 inches.

That is a full 4 inches more narrow than the narrowest doubles currently on the market. How did they accomplish this? Well, the seats are a bit more narrow than other Mountain Buggy seats, but that’s not the real trick. Stroller companies are finally starting to wise up and realize that any space above the wheels is wasted real estate, and Mountain Buggy is the latest company to build completely wheel-to-wheel vertically. This allows two seats to fit within the same space as a single Mountain Buggy. Genius.

The Mountain Buggy duet accommodates kids from birth through 40 pounds per seat, with a fully-adjustable reclining strap located on the back. You want bassinet compatibility? You’ve got it—it can either hold one or two. Car seats? Yep. It’s got ya covered! It can hold either one or two (with two seats, they are in a staggered arrangement. Graco adapters will be the first to hit, and others will be released after that. HOPEFULLY, the Maxi Cosi adapters come out soon, because that means it can hold the Cybex Aton—and we all know how I feel about that seat. #OBSESSED  Watch out, moms of multiples who don’t want wide strollers and need two car seats!!!

With a weight of 34 pounds, it’s a fairly lightweight stroller in this class, and the air-filled wheels make pushing this thing over any terrain a breeze. The contour of the height-adjustable handle feels terrific, and the fold is the typical Mountain Buggy fold (quite flat and locks with a strap you have to snap yourself). The harnesses also have a bit of child-proofing-smarts in them, requiring two hands to undo, so your little Houdini won’t be running all over creation!

Only have one kid? Get this stroller anyway. Recline that seat on the side, throw your things in it, and go to town! It’s the same width as a single Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle, so who cares???

Have three kids? Attach the Mountain Buggy freerider to the back! For those of you who don’t know, the freerider is a terrific alternative to a wheeled board. It’s a three-wheeled scooter that attaches to the back axel and allows your child to ride along, then pop the scooter off when they want to be a bit more independent.


The Mountain Buggy Duet is available at Magic Beans and other juvenile retailers.

I love this stroller. I love this company. That is all.







DISCLAIMER: I received product for the sake of reviewing. It won’t be the last time that happens. If it were, I would have to shut this site down.  Contest begins September 8 and ends at MIDNIGHT EST Sept 22

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145 Responses to “Let’s Duet, Let’s Fall in Love”

  • Sonya Morris says:

    Seating 1, 2, and 3…Baby #3, Brobee from Yo Gabba Gabba, and Toodie standing on the back. My little one could be entertained while riding! Now if I could get DJ Lance Rock to push it, heck its a MB duet i’ll push!!

  • KAYLEE says:

    I would have my three year old my one year old and my bulldog Winston! He always ends up slowing down or walks and I sometimes feel like it would be a better idea just to carry him!!! But as of now I have to carry my one year old because we have no stroller!!!

  • Christina says:

    I would put my baby on one side, shopping bags in the other and preschooler on the freerider… they need to be separated whenever possible.

  • Rio Sager says:

    I would fill those seats with my daughter and some of my nieces and nephews! I have 4 all under the age of 3 and I watch all of them all of the time!!

  • Vanessa p says:

    Love the disclaimer!

  • Maureen Gentile says:

    I want one!!

  • Katie Van Ryn says:

    With a soon to be one year old and baby on board I’m sure I could find some way to fill up those seats. We have no plans to stop there, so the Freerider will keep us from searching and researching for yet another stroller.

  • Lauren says:

    I would put my baby on one side, diaper bag and rain gear (it rains a lot more here in S. Miss than I am used to) and my toddler on the back! Jackpot! Thanks for the review!

  • Tara says:

    I would put my 2yr old, my 3 yr old and my purse because its big enough to need its own seat!!!

  • amy pugmire says:

    A three seater would be perfect. Mountain buggy in the back for my busy red headed toddler. and the two seats in front for my 11 month daughter and my soon to be baby boy due in December—PERFECT! :)

  • I’d probably have my 3 year old on the free rider, my newborn in one seat and all my stuff in the other!

  • Cary Beth says:

    I would start with my baby on one side, and 2 dachshunds on the other. On the back, I would have to alternate between my LabraDane and husband…totally kiding…I know they’re too heavy! In all seriousness, I am starting my family relatively late (I hate the phrase advanced maternal age, don’t you?), so I plan to try to have at least 2 kids close together in age, which would make this slim, rugged stroller invaluable!

  • Danielle says:

    Heck I’d put myself and the hubs in the seats, our princess who loves to be a monkey on the board, and hire some kind soul to push us around. I’ve always wanted to ride around in my own personal chariot ;-)

  • Mira says:

    While I’d love to answer creatively at this point this stroller would be full of Twin A & Twin B & big brother Finn. Wee boys are due on Halloween & we’ve been impatiently waiting for this stroller to be released.

  • Callie says:

    Besides my three kids…… Hmm. Daniel tosh, jOn Stewart and Dennis miller. Love those guys. For different reasons each :)

  • Mia says:

    I want to win this for my friend…

    I would put Hugh Jackman (for musical reasons and eye candy), Will Ferrell (for comic relief) and MArtha Stewart (because I’m a sucker for punishment and she makes glow in the dark glitter and could bling out my stroller like no other) :D

  • jeni reca says:

    Oops didn’t see what I was suppose to.write about the stroller..hell I would hook my three dogs to a like reindeers to a two kids in the seats and I would take a free ride on freerider :)

  • De-Lila says:

    i would put my newborn (due in 46 days) my daughter (2) and my son (3) on the scooter. how amazing that would be

  • This stroller sounds awesome! I have a baby on the way, and this contest is awesome!

  • Vanessa says:

    Wow! I had heard great things about this stroller, but did not realize it was the same width as a single. And I totally need to check out that Freerider thing.

  • Christine Langager says:

    I would definitely put my 4 year old and baby on the way in this stroller…. On the scooter portion, a small personal chef to keep us fed while out schleping around!

  • kati murphy says:

    My almost three year old and my baby on board need this stroller! And the freerider is awesome for when the three year old doesn’t want to sit. Perfect combo!

  • Jen Dizel-Byrne says:

    I’d have my 17 month old and my newborn in it, and probably my smaller Jack Russell Spanky, since he thinks he is a baby!

  • Brooke Thomas says:

    myself, my son and one for my purse while my hubby pushes :)

  • Ashley says:

    Since we treat my dogs just like our babies, the two dogs would get front and center seats and the real baby would have the third!

  • Jessica says:

    I love this stroller! LOVE! Thanks for the chance to win it!

  • Sandgren says:

    Our daughter would of course be on the ride…Our future son or daughter…AND soon after, I’ve always wanted to adopt, so there you go – Three fabulous community contributing children all together in harmony on the Freerider strolling around the streets of Chicago. Cheers!!!

  • One seat: new baby due early next year. Two seat: my two year old. Freerider: my crazy son!

  • jeannine m says:

    I would give this stroller to my mother. She watches my 1yr old nephew and he is going to have a little brother or sister in 7months that my mom would also have to watch. It would be easier for her to do the side by side with them

  • Kara F says:

    All I have to say is WOW…Now that is what I call a stroller!!!!

    I would put my little guy in one seat, my sweet princess in another seat and maybe my doggy in the 3rd seat :)

  • Sandgren says:

    I meant “all together in harmony on the Duet with the Freerider”…whoops.

  • Katie says:

    One seat would go to my son! Eoghan is 16 months!. I guess if we one we would have to get on it with making E a buddy! I have pleanty of nieces and nephews to push around. I love this stroller. I never win anything but I still love this.

  • kate says:

    1. baby
    2. dog
    3. husband…he doesn’t make it too far on walks

  • Sara Carr says:

    I would put my daughter in one seat, her stuffed animals in the other until her baby brother gets here in December, and then my husband can ride on the free rider. He would love it, and my daughter would be entertained for hours.

  • Monica says:

    I would have my 2.5 year old standing, my newborn (due in Dec) in one seat and both of my weina dogs in the other. (They’re small and like to snuggle anyway, and they’d probably prefer riding in a seat vs underneath, where I’ve stuck them before..) Thanks for doing a giveaway!

  • Miranda Welle says:

    Seat #1 would be for ME! Seat #2 would be for my baby! And the Buggy Board would most definitely be for my husband! LOL

    Would very much love to win this! Thanks for the great opportunity!

  • Svetlana F says:

    I would love to put my children in it and go everywhere. The y love to go to the park and it would be nice to take them in that stroller.

  • Lane Gulotta says:

    This stroller might make be speed up the process for baby #2. I’m loving it!

  • Sarah says:

    My 2 yr old Abby and my son Jake. And I am sure all of the new neighbors kids would jump on too because they are always all up in my grill :)

  • Kendra V. says:

    My daughter would definitely get a seat, but then I’d put Minnie Mouse next to her and Rihanna in the back to sing to her. Kid freakin’ LOVES Rihanna! She’d stay entertained for hours!

  • Elizabeth G. says:

    Well, hopefully one day I will have three kids to put in this stroller, but for now I have one precious baby girl to ride on one side and I would put her best friend,Helen, next to her and then I might put Giada DeLaurentiis on the back…she is probably small enough and then she could cook for us when we get back from our walk!

  • Katie K says:

    In November I’m having another wee one so I would put him or her in the carseat in one side, the other side for my 2 year old and keep the freerider on there for when he doesn’t want to sit… he’s a wild one!

  • Elyse Huey says:

    Well my 2 yr old and my 6 mo old would get the seats on the stroller by priority. But since I have been pushing the stroller all day long, I gets the freerider while daddy gets to take a turn pushing :)

  • Ariana says:

    I would put my 7 month old in one seat, shopping bags and such in the other seat, and the kitchen sink on the freerider, since always seem to go out with EVERYTHING!

  • Christina says:

    Twin A, Twin B, and ME on the back while hubby pushed us all, LOL!!

  • Summer says:

    1 seat for future child, 2 seat for shopping bags/purse and freerider for the 2 year old boy that I watch. :)

  • Amanda H. says:

    For seating I would put my soon-to-be-born child in one seat, all my stuff in the other seat (excellent idea, BTW!!) and my 7 year old on the scooter. It would be fabulous for walking to and from school, I could throw the backpack in the empty seat as well and save my little guy’s back and shoulders.

  • duane says:

    DD, DS, and the dog

  • Liberty H. says:

    Awesome product!

  • Laura R says:

    Well I am only expecting #1, so I think I would fill the three seats with: my baby, shopping bags, and maybe my pug! :-)

  • Jenny says:

    I’d put my two-year-old, my five-month-old, and me, and get someone else to push for a change!

  • Autumn says:

    I would put crazy toddler in one and newby to come in April in the other and my horror of a diaper bag I will need with 2 (!) in the other seat!

  • courtney says:

    my baby, my puppy and my handbag!

  • Lisa S. says:

    I’d have my son in the standing position and my baby in the sitting position! With the other sitting position, I’d put shopping bags. :)

  • Jennifer Womack says:

    My baby would go in one and my husband would be trying to figure out how to get himself into the other side.

  • Claudia says:

    This double sounds awesome and I love that the oldest can ride in a buggy behind (almost makes me want #3!)

  • Kallee Valentine says:

    I would fill the seats with pumpkins and goodies from the state fair. Then I would use the freerider for my toddler and probably have to carry the kid in a pack. Of course there is room for four if you can fit your family dog in the bottom which is always an important stroller feature for us! Way to go Mountain Buggy on a slim double.

  • Rowena says:

    Toddler in standing position, baby in seat one and diaper bag in seat two.

  • Menucha says:

    My son would love the Freerider so I guess my little girl will have to bring her babydoll along to keep her company in the seats when her brother doesn’t want to sit ;)

  • Anne says:

    I would put baby on one side and my diaper bag in the other :)

  • Miranda says:

    My kids and the beach bag!

  • Leigh says:

    I have two kids in my vista and this stroller makes me drool a little.
    Two in the seats to Trader Joes and the two year old can stand comming home

  • Me, my hubby and son….well i guess someone else has to push…lol I’m hoping this would be perfect for Ryder (my guy) and his 2 cousins :) family first!

  • valarie says:

    I had a Mountain Buggy Urban Double. I love the changes (improvements!) they’ve made.

  • Emily says:

    I would put the little guy in one seat my stuff in the other and you could ride on the Freerider!

  • Erin says:

    My two kids and a KEG of course!

  • candice says:

    OK so I would put the little muffin in one seat (Gabriella) and my stuff in the other…maybe the husband or the dog if they get tired! :)

  • Adina says:

    quite easy- my three boys :-)

  • Kelley says:

    I would fill them with my soon to be daughter, my dad’s little foster daughter,and his slightly older foster son.

  • Jessica says:

    I’d have the 2 year old in one seat, the soon-to-be baby boy, complete with carrier in the other, and the 5 year old along side…maybe…can I ride in one of the seats??? They wear me out!

  • Maria says:

    I would use the 3 seats for my 3 loves; my twins and our puggle, Bowie! They can’t get enough of each other and always need to be together :)

  • Cole says:

    Hmm… one seat for me, one seat for me – maybe Neil Patrick Harris could ride along in back? :)

  • Shauna says:

    Toddler on the freerider, newborn in the seat, and the rest of the gear in the other. How is the basket on this stroller?

  • Laura Andry says:

    I would put my toddler on the freerider, my baby in the seat, and my newborn niece in the other seat… Whats one child?!?

  • Caree says:

    I would put my daughters in it and take them to the mall, the zoo, pretty much anywhere! They are 15 months apart so I need a good stroller for 2 little ones.

  • Meghan says:

    Sisters could sit side by side but really don’t want to hear the fighting. I’m certain my best bet would be the younger one sitting and the older on the scooter. Quiet at last?

  • jules says:

    Baby boy in one seat, me in the other, a cheese and wine platter balancing on the freerider and my husband pushing :)

  • Aura says:

    my 1 year old son in one seat, my 3 yo daughter in the other (she hates walking) and my 3 yo son who has a mind of his own and will run away with the freerider scooter

  • Lee says:

    My two year old could use the free rider especially since she doesn’t like being in a stroller seat anymore. My 9 month old could use one of the seats and I would just have to persuade the husband that we need a third baby to occupy the other seat!

  • Michele says:

    I would put my 2 & 3 yr olds in it and my purse and bags in the other. My 7 yr old is too big right? Phooey ;)

  • Jaime Shockley says:

    I would put baby in one seat, purse and bags in the other! Perfection! As for the third…..well, I’ll just need to have another baby. Yay!

  • Issa says:

    1. Baby!
    2. Shopping Bags
    3. More Shopping Bags


  • Lamar says:

    I’d put both boys up front on the seats, and i’d use the freerider for myself, just like launching on a shopping cart! I can also just showcase myself to entertain them :)

  • Msilba says:

    One seat with the car seat for my little guy and the other spot for my cairn terrier (he loves a nice stroller ride) or an extra spot for shopping bags

  • Kara F says:

    Oh crap! I just messed up on the entry above. Can your remove my entry from “Like” Mountain-Buggy on Facebook – I accidentally entered my daily twitter info on that entry. SORRY!!!

  • Carly says:

    Three seats – one for each of my kids and the third is easy – a lovely, oversized bottle of wine ;)

  • Kristen says:

    I’d put my son in one side, he’d put BFF in the other (his Gund huggybuddy cow, Mooje) and I’d use the third for whatever our needs are for the the day–groceries, clothes or just a Venti Caramel Macchiato.

  • Jill says:

    My son on one side, my dog on the other, and my husband on the Freeride scooter!!!

  • Lorraine Marie says:

    I’ve got two crazy boys I could strap in!! : ) I need a double stroller. For some reason the sales lady at the Baby Stroller told me toddlers don’t need to be strapped in….she lied : ) Thanks for the opportunity! : )

  • Jackie says:

    I’m expecting twins in just a few weeks and would LOVE the mountain buggy duet (my twin sister had the mountain buggy terrain double and loved it and now that her older two don’t need a stroller she has the swift and loves that!)
    My 3 year old would LOVE the freeride!!

    And besides, Jamie’s my new BEST friend from the car seat install weekend at Magic Beans!

  • Jennifer Marlow says:

    I would put my 1 yr old daughter in it, with Chelsea Handler and Chuy aka Nugget that way i could be laughing all day long and Chuy wouldn’t be too heavy while i’m pushing around town. I don’t have a car and my daughter is getting hard to carry and so groceries could also REALLY help when we go to the store, the stroller i have now barely leaves me any space at all to fill it up when we’re there.

  • Melissa says:

    I would have enough space for my daughter and my two nieces with that stroller!

  • kelly gray says:

    Of course I’d put my little nugget in one seat but b/c this stroller is made in New Zealand, I find no other choice than to invite Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement to ride along with him. They will sing us songs and entertain us with their endearing accents.

  • tubbytelly says:

    I of course would have to push; with my husband and son sitting, and my sister riding on the back. ’cause they think I am the pushy one.

  • Chelsey says:

    I would put my wine in one seat, nachos in the other seat, and myself on the freerider. I’d call it my “after-jogging” stroller. :b Or I guess I could put my toddler in one seat, one of her little friends in the other, and my oldest on the freerider.

  • Newbie Mum Melissa says:

    I have one girl and would love to put her in it to begin with and hopefully we will fill the stroller within the next 5 years. Talk about wishful thinking!!!

  • Ashley Hunter says:

    My 2 sons and dog of course! Riding in style in the OC!

  • Melissa Jarotkiewicz says:

    DD would ride in a seat, DS on the free rider and curious george in the last seat because he always has a good time.

  • Kami Chen says:

    My 10 month old and 3 year old daughter in the seats and my daughter’s bff on the free rider.

  • Caroline says:

    Seating spot #1 – My three year old
    #2 – My 15 week old
    #3 – Some stray child I find on the

  • Lauren Rachel says:

    ok I would put my girl Helen and her best friend Rose (my best friend’s daughter) in the front, with Conan O’Brien in the back! just because I love him.

  • Angela Houweling says:

    I’d put my newborn on one side, and my 3 year old on the other!

  • Taylor says:

    Seat 1- The baby
    Seat 2- Diaper bag or soon to be baby
    Standing- Active 1 1/2 year old nephew

  • Sarah says:

    I’d put my 2 year old daughter and 9 month old daughter in the stroller

  • Maureen Modic says:

    How this is great! I could put my 2 year old, my hopefully newborn soon…and my 8 lbs maltese dog!

  • Patti says:

    We are ready to load up the duet…22 month old twins in the seats and 4 yo big bro on the freerider! Surely his preschool buddies will fight for a ride on the freerider too!

  • k says:

    my baby boy, and my nephew!

  • Linda Meyers-Gabbard says:

    I’m entering to win for my sister in law. She is due in December. A girl. They are naming her Stella Rosemary.

    She will be making me an aunt for the second time. My other niece’s name is Samantha Leota

    The stroller would make a great Christmas gift.

  • Tiffany S says:

    I’d strap my to kids in the 2 seats, then I’d hope on the freerider… Leaving “Daddy” to push!!!

  • Rachel says:

    My baby, my baby on the way, and myself – then my husband can push us.

  • Liz Chim says:

    I’d put our baby girl that we are expecting in one side, my purse/bags in the other (I don’t travel light) and my Grandma on the free rider. She’s a little munchkin and should fit.

  • Sarah M says:

    Mine’s not very creative, My 2 sons and my niece who I watch all day! Then we could all go to the park together!

  • Megan H says:

    Have you seen The Happiest Millionaire? Seated would be Cordelia (how my daughter got her name), Reclining an alligator from the parlor, and standing the bible boxing instructor, although we could go with characters from The League (my son’s name came grim this show) Taco standing, Ruxin seated, and Sheva trophy reclining.

  • Lillian DeAngelo says:

    This would be perfect for my home daycare. I’ll have to be boring and just fill it with the two babies and one of the preschoolers. Will make picking up the kindergartner from school so much easier!

  • Halloweenlover says:

    I’m pregnant with my third, so there you go! This would be fantastic for my three monsters!!

  • crystal Obrien says:

    i would put my 8 month old little boy and our soon to be new baby and our great dane! now that would be a walk!

  • Sonja says:

    If it was up to me the 2 kids would be in the seats and I would be riding on the back while the husband pushed

  • Kiley says:

    I would fill them with a cook, a maid, and an investment banker. Then I could spend all my time with my daughter!

  • Niki says:

    I would put my 2 year old, her 1 year old pal, and all the groceries! I just saw this stroller in the magic beans catalog and was amazed by it!

  • stacy h says:

    all 3 kids! newborn, almost 2yr old and 4yr old!!


  • Christina says:

    my 6 month old son,2 month old niece and doubt my 11 yr old would fit…hmmm,Jason Statham to be the manny and push all of us!

  • Sharon says:

    Omg Jamie. My three kids that”s who I”d put in the fricken thing. I have no creativity left after taking care of them to think of anything else. No someone to push it. THAT I could give some time to…

  • Perfect for Kenzie, her sibling to be & perhaps Elmo ^*^

  • Liz says:

    I would fill them with babies! Lots of babies!

  • Hyatt says:

    I would fill it with my son and my soon to be arrive daughter!

  • Suzanne Lafreniere says:

    My DD and my diaper bag!

  • Dassie Barr says:

    Come January, my almost two year old will sit next to the new baby! My four year old can ride the board. (Then we won”t have to stop walking every three seconds for her to catch up!) It would be awesome because the double I have is four years old from when my oldest was two and my second was newborn can not be used with a car seat. So please Baby Guy, help me win a DUET!!

  • Cyndi B says:

    Oh gosh, wonderful prize! I NEED a double stroller that fist through doors!

  • Leigh Cancellieri says:

    I would put my 22 month old, his 8 month old cousin and have his 3 year old cousin ride the freerider!! It would be a family affair!

  • Michelle Sanchez says:

    1. My baby.
    2. My Purse would take up the second spot because that weights about as much as a 9 month old baby with all the coins I have in there.
    3. My 26 year old kid husband could use the free-rider.

  • @lovinmomma88 says:

    My baby sister, my baby son, and my baby nephew. I LOVE this! “Met” you at party tonight, and tweeted into jail. So going to try again here :)


  • leasa navarro says:

    Well lets see, I have a rowdy 20month old that seems like 3 kids most of the time!! But one would go to her, one would be reserved for the baby on the way and one would definitely get the honor of holding all the important cargo we pick up along the way as we run around throughout the day in the city!

  • Erin says:

    12 month old and 3 yo in the two seats; 5 yo on the free-rider.
    I sooooooo need this!

  • Janet W. says:

    My two grandsons and my dog will fill the seats!

  • @Vexymancer says:

    I’d have my 2month old daughter in one seat, my 3 yr old son on the free-rider, and (in my dreams) a young Tom Petty in the other seat.

    Yeah, it’d probably be my son’s frisbees and soccer ball. He likes disc golf lol.

  • Baby on one side, toddler on the free rider and probably her princess or elmo in the other seat!

  • Sylvia says:

    I’d love the toddler in the freerider and the new baby (due in 2 months) in the other. The second seat can be for my boobs. They have taken up a whole zip code in this current state and I can’t imagine they’ll be willing to downgrade after birth!

  • Amanda Alvarado says:

    3yo and expected grandson in the duet and all the packages we’d have after Christmas shopping on the Freerider!

  • Angela H says:

    my 3 yo in the free rider, my baby on the side and the dog in the other :) or the neighbor’s kid :)

  • Amy K says:

    I love the MB Duet – and would fill it with my 6 year old standing, my 10 month old on one side, and her BFF on the other

  • Israel says:

    Going for it.

    One seat for the lil’ one, the other for him too when he becomes edgy. :)

  • Katie S says:

    Well, for not I have just one child, but I’m hoping to fill that second seat with another baby real soon! As for the third spot on the Freerider. Can I put my mom on it? When we go to the mall together she always complains I walk to fast. hehe! Thanks!

  • Bonnye Sensenig says:

    My daughter would go in one seat- and we would go shopping and fill the rest with fun things- we need to redecorate moms bedroom!

  • Jennifer says:

    I would love one. One side for baby and the other for her toddler sister or bunny:)

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